What People Are Saying

Ron Kaiser - Six Time National USCA Marathon Champion

"It works great! I have tried many things in the years I have been competing at a national level and it has now become one of the first pieces of equipment I put on and is as important to me as my wing paddle. Who knows now I might even claim my seventh USCA marathon championship this year. I do like the fact that it is much less cumbersome than the old cloth types and much cooler, I also believe it helps to keep my sunglasses vented more properly."

Bill Craig

"Today was the first day I used my SweatGUTR, and I rode 54 miles with nary a stop because of sweating. I also didn't get that familiar "sting" from sweat creeping into my eyes, and I had one of the most enjoyable rides I have had in a very long time...I want to add that wearing it while playing my drums has been a major asset due to the fact I no longer have to wipe sweat out oy eyes, and can concentrate on my licks which has made me a better drummer!"

Peter - Rite Aid Pro Cycling Team Member

“The GUTR actually works...Very comfortable and thin...Simple yet effective. I would recommend it to anyone doing intense physical activity."

Bob Dillan

"I used my Sweat Gutr for the first time today and it's fantastic. I'm quite a sweater and I've tried everything to control it: bandanna, caps, sweatbands with sweat strips, etc. Nothing worked.  I rode a complete ride today without stopping once or splashing sweat on my glasses. Once I realized that I found my solution I got an ear-to-ear perma-grin on my face.  Which brings me to my question. Do you guys sell something to keep bugs out of my teeth?"  

Tim Mason - Spain

"Two weeks ago while working on a tour taking American clients cycling on the mountain stages of the Tour de France, in the Alps and Pyrenees, I noticed that two of the clients were using SweatGUTRs... After looking at one I was really impressed by the design and feel and the clients themselves were extolling the virtues of SweatGUTR."

Malcolm Sawford - Cat 1 Racer & Carnegie Caulfield Cycling Club President, Australia

"I've been using one regularly in our Summer Criterium Series, and was pretty impressed in how much of a difference it made. I don't generally wear headbands at all, because ordinary sweatbands never seem to fit under a helmet, and bandanas don't seem to stop the sweat at all. The Sweat GUTR not only kept any sweat out of my eyes, but also seemed to stop my sunglasses from fogging up on hot and humid days. The best test came when I tackled the Alpine Classic in late January - 200km over 4 major mountains, with over 70km of climbing in 42 degree heat. It was a brutally tough day, with close to 60% of the field abandoning, but the Sweat GUTR helped get me though. I knew I could expect sweat free eyes and fog free glasses on the long climbs, but it was on the high-speed descents that another big advantage became apparent. Normally on long climbs I end up using my gloves to mop the sweat off my face; so my gloves get wet and slippery. With the Sweat GUTR keeping my face dry, I had dry gloves and could tackle the technical descents with confidence."

Paul Buss - Partner, Ascent Brands

"We had a team of four guys ride the 24 Hours of Rocky Hill in Smithville, TX this past weekend and we used the Sweat Gutr on all the laps. The weather was hot and humid and with 20 or so creek crossings per lap the gloves were very grimy, so having the sweat out of my face was great. It didn’t interfere with the helmet, even while running lights and just seemed out of the way, but effective. We won the Sport Veteran category and lapped our nearest competitors, so hats off (or helmets off) to you Gutr guys for helping."

Jake Rubelt - Carmichael Training Systems, Senior Coach & Elite Cyclist

"Im a sweater. So for years I have put up either not wearing glasses during races or just not being able to see through all the sweat and tears on them. Enter GUTR into my life. Wow!!!!! There are very few things that you can buy these days to really make your riding/racing experience better. GUTR is one of them. I don’t leave home without it now. It comfortably sits just below my helmet and catches all the sweat that used to pour into my eyes and on my glasses. Thank you GUTR. So this year for the Leadville 100 Mountian bike race I was ready. So for 7 hours 20 minutes not a drop of sweat hit my eyes or my glasses. That to me proves without a shadow of a doubt that if you don’t have a GUTR, well here is to sweat in your eyes. Hahah."

Brett Snyder - Sports Express Tennis Shop, Houston, TX

"Sweat GUTR is awesome...I sweat more than anyone else I know! It is more effective than any cap ,visor or sweatband that I have tried and it is very comfortable as well!"

RunnersWorld.com blog entry from "out4arun"

"I found this and wanted to share it with anyone that is having the same problem as I was. When I run I wear sunglasses, but what bugs me is that when I sweat it runs down my face and splashes on my sunglasses. It also runs into my eyes. So on the run I am forever trying to clean the sweat from my glasses with my now sweaty shirt...Just was not working! So I am sure you see my problem. I have tried headbands, bandanas and I wear a hat. The headbands always get really soaking wet. So I ran across this Sweat GUTR. This thing is fantastic. I wear it under my hat and also my bike helment."

Tony Buck - Davenport, IA

"I first learned about Sweat GUTR when I seen your link on the RAGBRAI Expo web page...I have always used du wraps in the past, but have had the problem that once saturated the sweat rolls into the glasses and eyes...With heat indexes in the 100's all week and the coolest day 95, your product got a work out. It was the first time my glasses stayed clear of sweat while riding on such hot days. I didn't once get sweat in my eyes. I could feel the sweat rolling off my forehead but it never once got past to my eyes or glasses. When I shot water on my head with a water bottle the GUTR again caught the water and kept the glasses clear. People all week asked if it worked and I told them it worked great. All the riders I spoke to using the product thought the same. It was nice not having the du wrap under the helmet. It was actually cooler. It was also nice having the back of my jersey dry as the du wrap dumped the sweat off its tail onto my back. With the GUTR the sweat blew out the sides into the air. Thank you for such a great product. It really does work, period."

Kraig Thomas - Fresno, California

"It's amazing how well the Gutr works. I completed the century and after over 8000 feet of climbing and ending the day in 105 degree heat I did not need to clean my glasses once. I took my helmet off at several of the rest stops and I had people asking if it works. I told them it was worth every cent and that two weeks prior on a training run without the gutr I had to stop after a climb because my glasses were full of sweat."

V.R. - San Jose, California

"I bought one of your headbands the other day at Sea Otter. I am very impressed with it. I have used it a few times and it works exactly as you said it would. It even kept rain out of my eyes."

Rob H. - Morgan Hills, California, Specialized Bicycle Components

"I bought one of your sweatbands at the Interbike show and so far it has worked out great. My kid tried it under his football helmet and my wife used it at her spinning class so need to get each of them their own!"

Pat Madea - Tucson, Arizona

"I just participated in the 2005 El Tour de Tucson and found your product at the packet pick-up. I must say, I was reluctant to buy it... I've always had a problem with sweat in my eyes. I wear a headband and it helps, to a degree. But I wore your sweat gutr for the bicycle race and it was GREAT! No sweat in my eyes! It worked as advertised and didn't "stick" to my forehead. Thanks a lot for solving this sweaty problem of mine."

Sam Seiple - Florida State Swimmer & USA Olympic Trials 100 Butterfly

"There is no one that sweats like I do, and after longs rides I can barely see where I am going. Instead of drinking from my water bottle, I have to use it to clean off my sunglasses during my long rides. But not anymore!....I used the Sweat GUTR during the Ride for the Roses and did not have one drop of sweat on my sunglasses. It is a great product and I will use it every time I am working out."

Paul Russell - Palo Alto, California

"I just recently purchased your product at the Ride for the Roses Expo and rode with it in the event in the following day. I was amazed at how well this product works. I live in California and ride hills all the time. Even with a top of the line helmet, I am constantly fighting blinding sweat in my eyes. I wish I had the product years ago, it works incredibly well...This really is one of the best innovations in the last 10 years."

Keith Zimmermann - Austin, Texas

"I met y'all at the 2005 Hotter'N Hell bike ride... Great product! I wore it and it worked! On that last sweeping right turn at the finish, the sweat just flew off the left side due to centrifugal force! I had a great ride thanks to your sweatband. Gotta order one for my brother! Thanks a million!"

Neal Phifer - Wichita Falls, Texas

"You have saved me a lot of pain and suffering with this product. I recently took part in the Hotter n' Hell Hundred... I sweat profusely no matter what and several times have been "blinded" by sweat to the point where I have had to stop cycling to clear my eyes. When I saw your product at the trade show and listened to you explain how it worked and how well it works I was sold. The next morning I put it to a 4 hour test and it passed with flying colors. Not once did I get a single drop of sweat in my eyes. I was and still am singing the praises to everyone that will listen. Thank you for you foresight in designing and marketing such a useful product. Signed a new lifetime customer."

Robert Kimber - a.k.a. "Big Bob"

"It is very rare, that I send back a comment about any product. You have produced one of the best inventions I have seen in a long time. Structured well, great material, and perfect, (for me anyway), design. Way to go!! ...I did not have one bead of sweat in my eyes... Excellent product. If I could give you an award I would."

Vinu Malik - President & Founder, Fuel Belt, Inc.

"...your product works great. Once it's adjusted to the proper fit it does the job!"

Fred Time - Dallas, Texas

"I now have a couple of hundred miles using the sweatband and I have suffered no sweat in my eyes. It is the best sweat band I have ever used over the last 30 years of global and domestic cycling."

Eric Mizrahi - Portland, Oregon

"Been using the one you sent me on Jun8th and its great. Needed a backup one. Thanks for making a great product that works!"

Mark Kenneth - Edinburgh, Scotland

"I was very sceptical...however I used it in a half Ironman and it was outstanding, and now use it whether I am adventure racing, running or biking. By the way, it works great in the rain too!!"

Dr. Bart Petrini - Galveston, Texas

"A remarkable product as essential as any of my other equipment!"

Chris Cioffredi - Addison, Texas

"There is nothing that has been able to keep the sweat from my eyes until now. Even with a bandanna it eventually saturates and causes me problems. Tunnel Vision has been a game saver for me..."

Huy Do - Carrollton, Texas

"...I would like to personally thank you for creating such a great product. I am an avid tennis player and your product has helped keep the sweat out of my eyes on numerous occasions. There has been no sign of wear after months of playing..."

Scott Coady - Cyclist, cycling film maker ”The Tour Baby! and Cobbles Baby!” TOP LAF and Davis Phinney Foundation fundraiser

"If you are like me, you wear a sweat band to keep sweat from stinging your eyes when hammering up the big climbs. But traditional sweatbands are a hassle — you have to wash them, and dry them, and they take up a lot real estate on your forehead making you hotter. Well this little gem has changed my life. It is slim, does the job and all you have to do is rinse it off when you’re back and it is ready to go again! Amazing!"

Stuart Stevens - Avid international cyclist, author of five books, frequent contributor to Outside magazine, Esquire and the NY Times

"I have used the Sweat GUTR for the past years and really come to like it. I use it biking, running and cross country skiing. I just wrote a piece in the NY Times Magazine about endurance sports and there is a photo of me finishing a long race in Europe wearing the GUTR."

Raleigh Werking - 47 IGFA World Records, Tropic Star Lodge

“Whether it's sweat or rain, the Sweat GUTR will keep your eyes dry to focus on the task at hand. It's become a welcome addition to my fishing tackle box...”

Nick Gerlich - RAAM Tandem Racer 1993, Hell Week Organizer

“The Sweat GUTR has saved my eyesight on rides.  It is simple yet elegant, and solves a very real consumer problem. I won’t ride without it.”

Jason T. Rowing - Coach

“The GUTR is very beneficial while rowing. In rowing the hands can never leave the oar to wipe sweat away, otherwise the boat will flip over. Also, rowers travel with their bodies facing backwards to the direction of the boat, so they have to turn their head around, 180 degrees, to see where they're going to avoid other boats and obstacles. It is critical that a rower's vision is unobstructed when a body-turn occurs to assess obstacles, and having less sweat in the eyes greatly helps the assessment and improves safety.”

Mike S. - New York

“Fantastic-O! I was excited as hell when I placed my order for your Sweat GUTR. When it comes to road cycling, I’m a sweater. With balmy NY weather in the mid 90’s, my Sweat GUTR worked impeccably well on my high speed Westchester County group ride called Gimbels.”

Scott Coady - LAF Fundraiser and cycling film producer of ”The Tour Baby” Big Ring Films

“I met you guys a couple of years ago at the Livestrong Expo in Austin, Texas. I use the Sweat GUTR and really love it.”

Shane Dingus - '08 EMS Memorial Bike Ride

"In May, I completed a memorial ride for EMS employee line of duty deaths. We rode from New York City to Roanoke, VA. This was a 600 mile ride over 6 days. I wore the Sweat GUTR everyday but one during this ride. I didn't wear it one day so I could compare with and without. While wearing a Sweat GUTR I never had a problem of sweat getting in my eyes and causing vision problems. It was nice have a device that offered different adjustment settings for almost every head size. Nothing is more frustrating than needing some equipment and finding out the shop is out of your size. The Sweat GUTR eliminated this problem before it became a problem. Great product, If you're not wearing a Sweat GUTR then your vision is not clear, so when you get home refresh yourself and you can see. Get on line and order a sweat GUTR then there will be no more vision problems."


"Just wanted to tell you that the GUTR really lives up to expectations and I just placed an order for 2 more for friends who were 'jealous'! Not sure if any bike stores in my area carry this item but will definitely mention it to mine on next visit. 'Who'd a thunk' such a small piece of plastic could alleviate a 'time eternal' problem! Thanks, folks, and may the profits abound you!"

Tony Rosenberg

"As one serious sweater, I can honestly say that this is one of very few products which work EXACTLY as advertised. I use it every night on my runs, and it is what the doctor ordered to keep the sweat out of my eyes for the entire run.  Great product and best money I've spent for an accessory yet!"

The headband reinvented. Say goodbye to waterlogged headbands. Hello to the right sweatbands.