The Sweatband That Never Saturates™


Performance when you need it most.


“To be honest, and I’m not sure how this is possible, but the new version works even better!”

“Tex” First Lieutenant, U.S. Army, Retired

“The GUTR did exactly what it was described to do, and it worked excellently.”

Sergeant Byerly

“I liked everything about the product!”

Staff Sergeant Brown

“When I used the GUTR for the first time it was on an air assault and 123°F outside. Normally with the set up of the Advanced combat helmet, the trapezoid pad in the center of your forehead funnels the sweat right into your eyes.

The GUTR worked perfectly as described collecting and re-distributing to the sides of my face and out of my eyes, allowing me to continue with the mission without constantly wiping sweat from my brow or salt stinging my eyes.

I would recommend this product to Soldiers in theatre as well as the States. Guys kicking in doors will defiantly find a use for this.”

Platoon Sergeant Jeter