Sweat GUTR® FLEX (Chill)

Sweat GUTR® FLEX (Chill)



With a low-profile elastic closure, the SWEAT GUTR FLEX is incredibly comfortable while fitting smartly under helmets. An adjustable slider makes setting your ideal fit simple. Like all GUTR® products, FLEX is designed to continuously keep sweat from running into your eyes and blurring your vision. Our patented GUTR Technology™ captures and channels dripping sweat away from your eyes and glasses, so you can focus on what matters. The GUTR® performance sweatband is not fabric, so it will never soak, saturate, or quit. Lightweight, comfortable, and easy-to-clean, this is the Ultimate Sweatband®. 

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NEW COMFORT CLOSURE Fully adjustable for exact sizing and comfortable fit

SOFT MICRO LIP CHANNEL Promotes sweat drainage and keeps glasses from fogging New, longer 8” channel for better clearance

VENTED SIDES For added flexibility and comfort

SOFT FLEXIBLE PLASTIC CONSTRUCTION Sweat resistant, durable, and easy to clean Extremely lightweight and comfortable

GUTR TECHNOLOGY™ Channels sweat away from your eyes and glasses