Sweat GUTR® XXL (Smoke)

Sweat GUTR® XXL (Smoke)

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Sweat GUTR® is built to continuously keep sweat from running into your eyes and blurring your vision. The patented GUTR Technology™ works by capturing and channeling dripping sweat away from your eyes and glasses, so you can focus on what matters. It's not made from fabric, so it will never soak or saturate. It will never quit. Lightweight, comfortable and easy-to-clean, this is The Ultimate Sweatband.™ 

This product is not for everyone. It has a longer 9" sweat channel for users with wider temples. 

To measure, try holding a string across your forehead with your forefingers and thumbs. Then, measure the distance between your holding points using a ruler. If the distance is close or longer than 9 inches, the XXL version should work best. If not, the standard size Sweat GUTR should be fine. 

Please note, the XXL product is only available in Smoke (Gray) color. 

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