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“A normal visor has a lot of fabric hitting my forehead which is hot. The visor sat away from my forehead so less heat built up. I also felt a little breeze going between my forehead and visor which was nice.”

 Dinty M


“It felt great and performed as no other visor I ever wore before. No sweat came running down my face or sunglasses. It didn’t make me feel as if I was sweating a lot. No sweat drops dripping from the front of the visor, even as I poured water over my head to cool me. The performance of the GUTR kept sweat from coming down my face.”

  Ramon S


“I wore it for a tennis match and took it off just because I don’t normally wear hats. Within 10 minutes my eyes were burning with sweat, so I put it back on and have worn it each match since. Love it.”

  Art N


“The weather for Ironman Texas this year was biblical. We had heat, humidity, torrential rain, heavy wind, and hail. Throughout the run during the heaviest downpour of rain and hail I never had an issue with water running down my face or sweat getting into my eyes. The visor worked incredibly well which allowed me to run past many people that could not see, especially when the heavy wind/rain combo picked up.”

  Bill H

UltraCool Visor (White/Pink)
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