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Throw out your old towel headband and get the state-of-the-art sweatband! These are not your parents' headbands. These sweatbands are designed to keep perspiration out of your eyes at work or at play. Find a dealer near you for your new sweatbands and say goodbye to your old headbands.

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The Ultimate Sweatband Headbands Play Harder: Sports Sweatband Work Harder: Industrial Sweatband
The Sweat GUTR™ Sweatband is perfect for any sweaty activity
  • Blocks and channels sweat from your eyes and glasses
  • Extremely comfortable and fully adjustable
  • Never saturates and is easy to clean
  • Works great with helmets, hats and hard hats

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Not just another headband. Your alternative to soggy headbands. The last sweatbands you'll ever need.
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