Does it really work?

Absolutely. Most of the sweat that drips into your eyes and glasses comes down from the top of your head and forehead. The front channel on the sweatband captures that sweat and channels it away from your eyes and glasses. Absorbent headbands saturate over time, so what's the point?

How can the GUTR™ be so comfortable being plastic?

Our sweatband is the most comfortable sweatband you will ever wear. It softens as your body temperature rises and comfortably gels to your forehead without feeling tacky. The sweatband is extremely lightweight, soft and flexible. Once you try one out, you'll understand. We guarantee it.

Does the GUTR™ trap less heat than competitor products made from neoprene and other absorbent materials?

The GUTR™ covers much less surface area therefore allows for better air circulation. Why trap more heat when we’re really trying to trap sweat.

Does the GUTR™ work with helmets?

Yes. Every helmet is different, but our sweatband works with most types and styles. We recommend that you position the back of the sweatband high enough to secure it within the back of the helmet locking system, then position the front of the band below the front shell.  

How often should I replace my GUTR™?

The GUTR™ is built to last. Its life depends on such factors as usage and exposure to sun. We recommend replacing it every year to ensure optimal performance and comfort. The plastic can harden over time, reducing the effectiveness of the seal. Because you only need one GUTR™, compared to multiple competitor products to do the same job, we believe our product is the best value—bar none.

Will it leave a mark on my forehead when I take it off?

No. The tension is evenly distributed around the entire sweatband and the side that rests against your forehead is flat. There are no specific pressure points, so when you remove the sweatband, any redness will disappear in seconds.

How do I adjust the sizing and tension?

Our closure system is extremely simple and effective. Each sweatband includes three sizes of custom elastic closure bands for initial sizing. Simply chose one and fit the "hook and loop" end straps through it. The elastic closure band allows for a snug, yet comfortable fit and the end straps can be used for easy micro-adjustment while you sweat.

Where can I get new elastic closure bands?

We now have replacement bands available on our site for sale. Our custom elastic closure bands are built to our specifications with high tension, durable elastic cords and stainless steel clasps. If you’ve worn them out, it’s probably time to replace your GUTR™.

The GUTR™ is made from PVC, but is it hypoallergenic?

Yes. The PVC compound does not contain any silicone or rubber and will not irritate your skin. We’ve been making GUTRs™ for over ten years now and continually work to make it the best it can be.

How well does it fit different size heads?

Not everyone's head is the same size and shape. We've made our products with adjustable closures to help users find a fit that is comfortable and effective for them. Our patented channel redirects sweat away from your eyes, and it is important for it to clear the width of your eyes and temples. On the original SWEAT GUTR, the channel is 7.75" long. On FLEX, it is slightly longer at 8". These both work for most people. For those with a wider temple distance, we have an XXL version of the SWEAT GUTR with a 9" channel.