Our Team

Our unrelenting determination drove us to create the Sweat GUTR®, keeping your vision clear and you focused on what matters most. That success hasn't stopped us. We are continually exploring new ways to improve GUTR Technology™ and integrate it into more products where distractions from sweat are a problem. Like you, we believe in products that work better and never give up.


Erick Flatt

CEO / Founder / Inventor

A business consultant, avid adventure-racer and snowboarder, Erick was frustrated by traditional sweatbands, bandanas and head wraps that quickly saturated, dripping sweat into his eyes and glasses. His determination to create a better solution resulted in the Sweat GUTR®—the only sweatband designed to withstand any amount of sweat.


Kevin Flatt

VP Design

A designer and dedicated tennis player, Kevin was asked to create a memorable brand for his cousin's new innovative product. After taking the new sweatband for a test drive on the tennis courts, he knew this was a "better mousetrap" and a product worth sharing.